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(to be read together with the Terms and Conditions and the Seller Agreement)





Applicable Conditions


Cancellation by Buyer

  • (a) Before Delivery of Product

A Buyer may cancel their purchases without the Seller’s approval at any time before the Product status on the Website is stated as "Purchase Approved".

  • (b) During Preparations for Delivery

Once preparations for delivery of the Product are in progress (where the status on the Website is stated as "In Process"), any cancellation will require the Seller’s approval, subject always to the terms of the Seller Agreement.

  • (c)  After Delivery of Product

Once a Product has been shipped out, the status for the order on the Website shall be changed to "Purchase Shipped" on the Website. The order can no longer be cancelled at this point, and any cancellation will need to be made via the refund process as set out in Part B of this Policy.

Care of Products

Where a Buyer is not within time to effect cancellation of an order for a Product during the periods set out in A.1(a) and A.1(b), and the Product is subsequently delivered, the Buyer must not use the Product and shall take all such care so as to ensure that no damage occurs to the Product. In the event of any damage caused to the Product, the request for refund of the Product may not be entertained


Cancellation by Seller

A Seller may cancel an order where there is inadequate stock to fulfil such order, where there will be unreasonable delay in sourcing of the Products or where the Product has been wrongly advertised or priced. In such instance, the Buyer:-

(a) will be notified of the cancellation via the Website system; and

(b) shall be entitled to a full refund of the purchase price paid.

Sellers are advised to read this Policy together with the Seller Agreement with regard to the grounds when a Seller may reasonably cancel an order.

Repeated cancellations without proper cause/justification, which result in a Seller being unable to comply with the Seller Service Levels, shall entitle the Company to impose such penalties on such Seller as provided for under the Seller Agreement.


Cancellation by the Company

The Company shall have the right to cancel any order/transaction where the Company deems it necessary to:-

(a) ensure compliance with the law;

(b) protect the interests of the Company, Seller, Buyer and/or any relevant third party; and/or

such other reason as the Company deems appropriate.

The Company may commence refund procedures without any request made by the Buyer, and both the Buyer and Seller shall be notified of the cancellation in writing.


I - Entitlement for Refund




Applicable Conditions


Entitlement for Refund – Defective or Non-Compliant Product

A Buyer shall be entitled to a refund of a Product in the following situations:

(a) Product is defective

A Product is defective if it:-

(i) is unfit for its intended use;

(ii) not fit to be consumed;

(iii) has a defective design or content;

(iv) has been defectively assembled or manufactured;

(v) visibly spoilt or past expiry dates; and/or

(iv) has broken/ damaged containers and/or content.

(b) Product does not comply with description/criteria

A refund is allowed if the delivered Product:

(i) is a different or the wrongly orders product;

(ii)has different specifications from that advertised or ordered, such as different product type, packaging or size; and/or

(iii) has missing parts or incomplete set.

General Exceptions

A Seller may reject any request for refunds in any of the following cases:

  1.  (a) the Product delivered is damaged due to a cause attributable to the Buyer;
  2. (b) the content of the Product has been tampered with due to the use or partial consumption thereof by the Buyer;
  3. (c) the packaging of a Product is damaged;
  4. (d) there are other reasonable grounds based on which the Buyer may not be entitled to request for refund, as may be decided by the Company.


Entitlement for Refund – Change of Mind

No request by a Buyer for refund of a Product solely due to Buyer’s change of mind, can be entertained.



II – Process for Refund



Applicable Conditions



Standard Process

Unless otherwise specifically provided under this Policy or the Seller Agreement, the process for refund of Products shall be as follows:

(a) the Buyer submits request for refund of Product ("Refund Request”) through the Website or the Customer Service Centre;

(b) the Seller will receive notification of such Refund Request;

(c) the Seller must either approve or reject the Refund Request within three (3) Business Days from date of notification;

(d) where refund is approved, the Seller must refund the purchase price to the Buyer.




Submission of Request

(a) A Refund Request shall, at the first instance, be made directly to the Seller via the automated Refund Request button on the Website.

(b) The Buyer shall be required to submit all evidence to support the Refund Request. The evidence shall include such information as order number, invoice number, date of purchase and payment, justification for refund, proof of Defective or Non-Compliant Product and such other information that will be necessary for the processing of such request.

(c) The processing of the Request may be delayed in the event the Buyer does not wish to provide any evidence, or where the Buyer provides insufficient evidence to support the Refund Request.

The Seller and/or the Company shall have no legal obligation to entertain any Request if the Buyer is unable or refuses to provide evidence to support the Request.



Time Limit for Submission of Request

A Buyer must submit the Refund Request within the time limits set out below:-

Status and Type of Product

Time Limit Applicable

Product Successfully Delivered


for Products under the category "makanan yang mudah rosak” and other Products as may be declared by the Company

within one (1) calendar days from the Shipping Complete Date


all other Products

Within three (3) calendar days from the Shipping Complete Date

Product Not Delivered

For West Malaysia, within ten (10) calendar days from the Payment Complete Date

For East Malaysia, within twenty-five (25) calendar days from the Payment Complete Date

For the purpose of this B.II.3 and this Policy:-

(a) "Shipping Complete Date” shall refer to the date the Product is delivered to, and received by the Buyer

(b) "Payment Complete Date” shall refer to the date payment was made for the Product;

(c) "Purchase Confirmation Date” shall refer to the date of completion of the sale and purchase transaction of a Product as recorded and stated on the Website.

The Seller and/or the Company shall have no legal obligation to entertain any Request where the Request is submitted beyond the time periods stated in B.II.3.



Approval/ Rejection of Request by Seller

(a) Upon receipt and notification of the Refund Request, the Seller shall, within three (3) Business Days from the date of receipt of same either:

(i) accept the Refund Request; or

(ii) reject the Refund Request;

(b) Where the Seller rejects the Refund Request, the Seller must provide the Company with all required documents or evidence supporting such rejection.

(c) Any rejection by the Seller shall nonetheless be subject to the Seller Agreement, and the Company may override the Seller’s decision if it deems that the Seller’s rejection is unreasonable.




Final Decision on Refund

(a) Once the assessment and review of the Product is completed, the Seller shall provide a final decision to either approve or reject the requested refund of the Product no later than three (3) Business Days from the receipt of the Submission of Request from the Buyer.

(b) In the case of approved refund of the Product, the Seller shall refund the purchase price to the Buyer, which shall be carried out by the Company deducting the purchase price from the Seller’s deferred Settlement Amount or such other method as the Company deems fit.




Automatic Acceptance for Non-Response by Seller

In the event that:

(a) the Seller does not respond to the Buyer’s request for a refund of Product within the period set out in B.II.4 above; or

(b) where the Seller does not provide any decision on the refund of a Product within the period set out in B.II.5 above;

it shall be deemed that the request by the Buyer has been accepted and the Company will immediately proceed with the refund process.




Costs for Return of Products

Where the Product is returned due to an unreasonable delay in delivery of the Product over and above the Seller Service Level then prevailing, or where there was a late or wrong delivery made by the courier service company engaged by the Seller, the Seller shall bear the costs for such return.




Method of Refund

The payment of refunds ("Refund Amount”) under this Policy shall be effected as follows:-

Type of Payment

Method of Refund


Credit card payments

Refund Amount shall be refunded as Credits into your account on the Website.


Online banking, and debit card payment

Refund Amount shall be refunded as Credits into your account on the Website


Mobile wallet payments

Refund Amount shall be refunded as Credits into your account on the Website.

The methods of refund stated in this B.II.8 shall be subject to such further rules and processes as may be imposed by the Company from time to time.



Partial Refund

1. Circumstances Where Partial Refund May be Allowed

(a) a Buyer purchases several Products in one order, but the Seller has failed to deliver the Products in full resulting in one or more Products not being included in the delivery; or

(b) a Seller delivers a Product to a Buyer with missing items; or

(c) a Seller delivers a Product to a Buyer with a missing free gift despite advertising the same on the Product page, the Buyer may opt for a partial refund in respect of such non-delivered Products or missing items.

Refund in respect of the non-delivered Products or missing items as well as the return shipping fee in respect of the same (if applicable) shall be deducted from the Settlement Amount.




Recall of Products

In the event there are any major faults or defects or any safety concerns relating to the Product which the Company deems to be sufficiently serious, the Company acting reasonably may require:

(a) that the Seller recall the entire stock of Products sold to date; and

(b) refund of monies paid and all costs for the recall and refund which shall be borne by the Seller.